MicroVenture Support, Inc., (MVS) attacks poverty through the innovative and cooperative application of capital market strategies, selective investment, and hands-on operating support.  MVS invests time, expertise, and our capital in select micro businesses.  We identify, support, and invest in those microenterprises that, based upon an objective set of criteria, have the potential to grow into profitable local, regional, and international enterprises.


The Great End-of-Poverty Drum Circle

MicroVenture Support is proud to be a founding sponsor of the the Great End-of-Poverty Drum Circle that will be held in Nairobi, Kenya, and Washington, DC, USA. This drum circle will bring together drummers on two continents to share the universal rhythms of music and life in support of the Global Microcredit Summit scheduled for Nairobi, Kenya, and sponsored in Kenya by Jamii Boora Microfinance Institution. Please click on any of the logos below for more information on this global effort to end poverty and support microfianance.

Drumming an End to Poverty
Partner organizations for Drumming an End to Poverty