GSEI The Mali Initiative

Our first project is in the planning stage in the Republic of Mali.  Mali is the largest country in West Africa, and is often referred to as the "jewel in West Africa's crown."  GSEI (the Global Sustainable Economic Initiative) is a holistic solution to pervasive poverty and the attending issues of ignorance and hunger.   GSEI is a sustainable solution, starting with the creation and support of small and growing businesses (SGBs), the creation of non-exploitative jobs, and the introduction of hope and opportunity.  GSEI is a strategy for community economic development, leading to general economic development and the possibility for both social and economic justice. One of the accomplishments of this Planning Study is to identify an on-the-ground MFI partner, with whom we will establish our first business development center.

Working closely with our social mission MFI, GSEI will provide meaningful business development services (BDSes) for the MFI borrower.  Those MFI borrowers who are potential SGBs and who qualify for our program will receive two (2) years of intensive business training and development, appropriate funding, and longitudinal support.  Longitudinal support from GSEI will provide the SGB with more advanced business management training, business services such as accounting, IT, and market development, coaching and mentoring, and equity investment.  We will also introduce franchise-type opportunities for goods and services that are needed in these communities, such as GrowFish and Barefoot Power.   GSEI will work closely with our partner Reach The Children, Inc., and other partners, as we perfect and deploy our centers throughout sub-Saharan Africa.